Threats against our Acapatzingo community

To social organizations.
To the Sexta national and international.
To human rights organizations.
To the media.
To the people of Mexico.

Compañeras and compañeros:

<< Everyone who has their fears and their rites
and places their devotions where they can.
Us, we fight and organize. >>

Despite the government’s declarations, deception, violence, and the economic crisis all continue to increase throughout Mexico. With complicity, they kill and dispossess, they take advantage of the vulnerability around physical proximity and thus appropriate any organizational effort. This situation has been denounced by the indigenous peoples and social organizations that have opted for the path towards autonomy and the construction of better living conditions.

In this context, we denounce that since May 8, 2020, the Acapatzingo community has been the target of threats by a supposed group of “Colombians” who show up at dawn with weapons and have threatened our compañeros and compañeras who are on community patrol duty. A few days ago they threatened to leave some envelopes addressed to the Acapatzingo community leadership and therefore to the Organización Popular Francisco Villa de la Izquierda Independiente – OPFVII (Francisco Villa Popular Organization of the Independent Left). These envelopes would contain instructions that should be fulfilled within 72 hours, otherwise they would take action against the community.

As announced, the envelopes were thrown by a man into the community in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 23. The general assembly determined that neither the community nor our organization knows these people, we have no problem with them and we owe them nothing, so they were not read and were destroyed without us knowing their contents.

Faced with these facts, we have decided to take care of ourselves and protect our communities as always – by fighting – therefore we will carry out permanent actions to protect the community from any attack. The other communities that belong to the OPFVII are aware, prepared and attentive to what may happen.

We hold the city government responsible for any aggression against our organization

We ask the national and international organizations and collectives that know and share the struggle with us to be on the lookout for any aggression against the communities of our organization.




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